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Google Maps Updated With Voice Command Features

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Google-Maps-Updated-With-Voice-Command-Features-300x129 Google Maps Updated With Voice Command FeaturesThe tech giant Google has announced an update for its Maps app for Android operating system which will include a series of voice commands. “OK Google How’s the traffic ahead” for instance is one. The new feature that comes with the update of Google Maps and Google app need to be enabled once the Android users receive the update. To enable this feature, open your Google Maps app > go to the settings > OK Google Detection > While Driving.


With navigation active and feature, enabled users do not have to risk the multitasking while driving alone or ask the passenger to take over your phone. Rather they can as questions and give commands directly. Some of the new commands according to Google includes:


“Show/Hide Traffic”

“Show Alternate Routes”

“Mute and Unmute Voice guidance”


In addition, more commands that the company has posted on its support page that can be used in the Google Maps app. The new functionality is slow in rolling out which is not surprising according to Google’s reputation. Some users who are part of beta programs do not have this functionality, not even with Nexus devices. In addition, according to the Google’s announcement details, there is no mention of the feature coming to iOS.