Google Partners With Princeton University For Joint Artificial Intelligence Research

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Google_Partners_With_Princeton_University_For_Join_Artificial_Intelligence_Research Google Partners With Princeton University For Joint Artificial Intelligence ResearchAccording to the news report, tech giant Google has announced that it has entered a joint venture with the historic Princeton University, intended to dive deeper into the promising scientific field of Artificial Intelligence. The report published by researchers at Google AI, Elad Hazan, and Yoram Singer.

The tech giant has had a long-standing history of partnering with top academic institutions such as MIT or Stanford in their race of breakthroughs in fields of Computer Science and Engineering. Keen to develop on existing insight in the subset field of AI, Machine Learning; Google expects to extend research in multiple surfaces of the field. Google’s partnership with Princeton University has revealed itself into the form of a new lab, across the street from Princeton University’s historic Nassau Hall, which is scheduled to open its doors in the early of 2019. As per said by Google and Princeton team, by nurturing closer collaborations with faculty and students at Princeton, the lab intends to expand research in multiple facets of Machine Learning, concentrating its early research efforts on optimization methods for large-scale Machine Learning, control theory, and reinforcement learning.

Google has already been hard at work with Princeton research in different areas of Machine Learning and reinforcement learning. The existing collaboration has seen success in these areas. Google and Princeton team has made growth in both large-scale optimization and spectral filtering for control and reinforcement learning. The tech giant and Princeton teams have also been hard at work, developing new algorithmic methods in the area of Machine Learning.