Google plans to implement Android into Millions of Vehicles

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Google_plans_to_implement_Android_into_Millions_of_Vehicles-300x169 Google plans to implement Android into Millions of VehiclesGoogle is all set to partner with Renault -Nissan-Mitsubishi, the largest automobile industries in the world for vehicle sales, to install Android-based enforcement systems into millions of cars manufactured by those companies into the market all over the world. The next-generation infotainment system and dashboard displays will be powered up with Android that is to be launched in 2021.

By implementing android to the cars, Drivers will be able to access Google’s maps, app store and voice assistant from their vehicle’s dashboard display. The alliance’s executives mentioned that this partnership was made as per the customer needs in using Google Maps and other apps protected by Android instead of using software developed by automakers.

This partnership with Google will make Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi rival automakers to partner with tech companies than developing their own software instead. By the step, the companies can also gain customer satisfaction and eventually Google will have access to data collected from its in-car apps but only after the user enables the permission for it.

Other automakers like Volkswagen, Audi, and Volvo that had already implemented Google apps including Google Earth into their cars navigation system on their cars infotainment system.

The new partnership steps as a huge forward step for Google’s ambitions to get its operating system available in more cars, similarly the partnering auto executives will be highly benefitted with the implementation of Android in their cars.