Google Play Store Facelift For Better Searching

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gooleplay Google Play Store Facelift For Better SearchingConsidering the number of revamps the under construction sign should be made permanent for the Google’s Play Store. The renovations and constant tweaks usually turn out to be good so not an issue for the company. The latest changes made by the company are not vivid but will definitely help users find what they are looking for. The Entertainment label on the main landing page has been changed to “Movies, Music, and Books”. Which in fact make it clearer about the contents of this section. This improvement is kind of a tight fit on the smaller screen but might look good on 5-inch plus screen phones like the Note 7 or the Pixel XL.


Apart from the entertainment tab split the other prominent change is pinch to zoom on screenshots. It might be helpful for users to decide if they want to download the app. Also now when users click on a link on the Play Store from any browser they will be landed on the preview page straight away with a much larger Play Store branding.


While navigating the different sections of the Play Store users will notice the white search bar disappeared. Users have to tap on the bar and the microphone icon to do a voice search.