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Google Putting Effort To Unify The Public Wi-Fi

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Google-Putting-Effort-To-Unify-The-Public-Wi-Fi-300x129 Google Putting Effort To Unify The Public Wi-Fi Public Wi-Fi is great but it’s irritating when the coffee shop has clue what went wrong when your connection goes down just before the deadline. Usually, the coffee shop lacks the expertise even though it want to provide a reliable and safe connection. Especially business those offer Wi-Fi in huge scale such as hotels, airports etc. it is true. The Google Station is a set of tools, which is designed to create and maintain public Wi-Fi hotspots a breeze. Google is working with hardware companies and unspecified Internet service providers to make it happen, although the company is not disclosing much about it. They are also making a list of partners such as shopping malls and cafes.


The tools will go beyond preconfigured routers or set of recommended tools. Login info for different hotspots will be handled by the company. Users can access the internet where available with a single user ID and Password. The company will help Wi-Fi hosts to monitor their connections. The parent company of Google ‘Alphabet’ is already offering mobile services Google Fi, the internet through Google Fiber. The idea for the project initially came from Google’s work with India’s state-owned rail system to offer Wi-Fi nationwide, which will be using more than 20,000 miles of already existing fiber optics cable.