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Google Renovates The Launcher For Its Upcoming Nexus Devices

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Google-Renovates-The-Launcher-For-Its-Upcoming-Nexus-Devices-300x129 Google Renovates The Launcher For Its Upcoming Nexus DevicesGoogle is going to completely renovate its launcher app for the Nexus release in time mentioned a report. The company is releasing its new Android flavor ‘Nougat’ on 5th of this month probably, but it hasn’t given up the surprise.


Google’s new launcher for the Nexus has some tricks upon its sleeves. Instead of the app tray icon that used to be in previous models now they have introduced gestures. The user just has to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the app tray. This gesture is noted with a small up facing arrow. The lack of app tray icon also made some space for the 5th app on the taskbar.


There is no search bar eating pixels of the screen as well, just a G icon which users can click to start searching. To the right of the G icon, there is a calendar widget which both of which appears only on the home screen.


The swipe from left to access Google now in still present. The quick launch icons are also bonded by a frosted white color. The report also mentioned that this launcher wasn’t running on the Android 7 while demonstrated.


Though the idea to discard the app tray icon is a good decision. It is a competent use of space. But this might confuse a whole lot of users initially.