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Google Rolled Out Update For Play Store

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Google-Rolled-Out-Update-For-Play-Store-300x129 Google Rolled Out Update For Play StoreA minor update for new design has been rolled out for Play Store by Google. The new update brings a few changes to the ‘Top Charts’ app list such as the space between the cards were removed and now the apps are sorted according to the rank.In addition, there is now a ‘Show Installed Apps’ button that will toggle the installed apps list. The new feature is not yet live for everyone mentioned a report. However, a public release is anticipated very soon. Google has intentions to incorporate artificial intelligence in order to sharpen Play Store Communications in order to expand support for various payment platforms. In India, the service just rolled out Net Banking as a payment method. Purchasing movies, books, apps and songs will be easier with this implementation.


In order to make the user experience more immersive the company has been incorporated machine learning into contextual tools and Google Play Music that will help is suggesting music according to your play history. Users based on their location, weather and activity can opt for personalized music. The company is in the process to expand its appearance from smartphones and web-based apps to VR headsets, wearable devices, and Chromebooks.