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Google Space App To Be Terminated

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Google-Space-App-To-Be-Terminated-300x129 Google Space App To Be TerminatedThe Space from Google is to be taken off thegrid by the company. However, as per a Spaces help page, Google Spaces will shut down forever on 17 April 2017.Space was used for messaging and content sharing service. Sharing content from the Internet within small groups was the prime target of the app. Space users can invite other users to join the space created by them, where they can share contents. With extensions like YouTube, search options and chrome members can share content without leaving the app. On 3rd of March, the company has announced that the service will be made read only. In this archive stage neither new users will be accepted nor can the existing users be able to post on their spaces. However, users can view print and delete the posted contents and spaces till April 17th.


Moreover, abuse reports will continueto be active until the cut-off date, after which Spaces and all existing content will be deleted by Google. Link management and collaboration company Kifi was been acquired by Google back in July. The purpose of this acquisition was to boost the space team and the service capabilities, which appear inadequate. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other apps those are providing similar functionalities.