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Google Start Rolling Out Allo Messaging App

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Google-Start-Rolling-Out-Allo-Messaging-App-300x129 Google Start Rolling Out Allo Messaging AppGoogle started rolling out the Allo messaging app today. Allo is incorporated with the Google Assistant which will offer automatically generated responses known as smart replies and different system generated suggestions for daily use. In order to achieve these features, Google compromised your security as the messages will not be auto-deleted from the servers. But users do have the ability to manually delete the messages. This is a change from what the company had said at the developer conference I/O in May approved the company. The more the chat history better the Smart Reply worked unlike initially the company has considered keeping the messages in a transient fashion. This fact came into existence during the testing.


Unlike other messengers that have a built in privacy setting by default, Allo depends on the users to decide the security of themselves. But there is a plus point to this system, the government is not going to poke around into Google’s business as they are keeping a copy of the user messages. The decision empowers users said the company in a statement. They have given control and transparency to the users to their data in Allo added the company.