Google to acquire more Cloud-based companies in order to accelerate Customer Scale

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Google_-to_-acquire_-more-_Cloud-based_-companies_-in_-order_-to_-accelerate_-Customer_-Scale-300x185 Google to acquire more Cloud-based companies in order to accelerate Customer Scale
We all are aware of Alphabet, Google’s parent company relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in order to capture new streams of revenue. All this starts with the enterprise trying to branch its cloud computing services. Alphabet is all set to combine search, AI, and machine learning in order to achieve revolutionised logistics, healthcare, and transportation services to attract customers. It may be a teardown of Google’s potential achievements but the strategic investors and partners urged to maintain search dominance and meanwhile drive revenue from new markets. Nice approach, right?
Google’s has its approaches in the fields of AI, machine learning, and deep learning. It is said that these researches are being produced and published as well! And do you know that Part of Google is working with other Alphabet subsidiaries in an attempt to support and lead their AI and machine learning product initiatives. For example, the support provided by Google to CB Insights mentioned in a report in which the sequence of Google’s collaboration with an autonomous driving division of Waymo, to help in applying neural nets to vehicle and pedestrian detection. They have successfully increased the number of AI and machine learning patents according to CB Insight’s analysis.
Google has now developed Xively in Q1 this year, also Cask Data and Velostrata in Q2 respectively. Google is now all set to acquire cloud-based companies in order to increase their customer base and achieve as many enterprises in the mid-tier. Exactly, you are guessing right! It is the two areas Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have a strong drive today.