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Google To Inaugurate Cloud Platform In Tokyo

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Google-To-Inaugurate-Cloud-Platform-In-Tokyo-300x129 Google To Inaugurate Cloud Platform In TokyoBased on its existing Taiwan cloud region Google has launched its cloud platform inTokyo. The company announced on its blog its customers will be experiencing less latency by 50-85 percent as compared to service delivered Taiwan. Customers in Tokyo will have access to its core services such as Cloud Dataproc, Cloud VPN, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, App Engine Standard Environment, Container Engine and Cloud Cloud IAM products said the search giant. Including the PLCN and FASTER submarine cables the Tokyo and Taiwan region use Google’s Backbone. In July this year, the FASTER trans-pacific fiber optic cable system backed by Google and five other international companies was ready for service. About 10 million times faster than the regular cable modem FASTER distributes 60TBps of bandwidth through the Pacific. Customers including Cloud Platform users and Google Apps will be getting support from the 10TBps bandwidth used by Google from the total bandwidth.


Facebook and Google publicized they would be capitalizing in a submarine cable system amid Hong Kong and Los Angeles dubbed the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) in October. Hong Kong-based broadband supplier Pacific Light Data Communication and undersea communications company TE Subcom are the partners in this project.