Google To Release Its New Android OS That May Support Facial Recognition System Like Apple’s Face ID

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Google_To-Release-New-Android-OS-That-May-Support-Facial-Recognition-System-Like-Apple’s-Face-ID Google To Release Its New Android OS That May Support Facial Recognition System Like Apple’s Face IDAccording to the reports, the upcoming Google’s Android OS, Android Q may support Apple’s Face ID like facial recognition system. The new facial recognition hardware technology will feature significant updates over the existing ‘Trusted Face’ system and it will function in a similar way as its previous software Face Unlock and Trusted Face does.

The upcoming security feature will assist users in functions including signing into the phone, authorize transactions and signing into apps. As the report noted, the unnamed facial recognition system will be akin to Apple’s Face ID that was first seen on the iPhone X. Currently, the existing facial recognition system on Android relies on a smartphone’s front camera, unlike Apple’s Face ID which blends a Time of Flight sensor, dot projector, IR illuminator, and other sensors providing fast and a significantly secures hardware facial recognition solution.

The upcoming Android OS from Google also points several new features which include a system-wide Dark mode that will be incorporated into every preloaded Android app, allowing users to operate them in Dark mode, as well as the new update will make for entirely new aesthetics and provide enhanced power-efficiency. The search engine giant is also seeking to create a desktop-like experience, where users use a hub to connect their smartphone to a monitor as a PC replacement. In the upcoming version, it features Screen continuity which will offer support for applications extending across multiple or foldable displays. Current versions of Android only enable users to utilize one app at a time in split screen mode. But Android could change that and allow users to resume music on one half of the screen and play a game on the other half.