Google To Take A Swing On The Mobile Ads That Interlope With Content

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Google-To-Take-A-Swing-On-The-Mobile-Ads-That-Interlope-With-Content-326x245 Google To Take A Swing On The Mobile Ads That Interlope With ContentWe have plans to crack down on intrusive ads that interfere with mobile content said Google, the internet giant. Doantam Phan, Product manager at Google wrote in a blog post the interstitials may not rank as highly in search results. Certain pages with pop-ups which interfere with the content are called Interstitials. Those kind of interstitials which block the main content and have to be dismissed before the content can be viewed are in the target of the internet giant. The above the fold portion of a page dominating interstitials which force users to scroll down in order to see the main content are also on target.


This is just the hundreds of ranking signals that the company use for page ranking. If a page still has very relevant content that page will rank high despite the removal of the ads as the intent of search quarry is still a very strong signal added Phan in his post. The interstitials that ask the users to install mobile apps were been discouraged by Google last year. Phan wrote “We saw the need to broaden our focus to interstitials as we continue our development efforts. We are now adding this effort to the initial one to broader check on interstitials.”


Banners using a reasonable amount of screen space, pop-ups to verify the user’s age, login dialogues on sites where content isn’t publicly indexable are some of the interstitials carrying legal obligations will not be affected by the new signal from Google.