Google to use Fiber and Wireless for Urban coverage

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Google-to-use-Fiber-and-Wireless-for-Urban-coverage-300x129 Google to use Fiber and Wireless for Urban coverageGoogle is gearing up to provide customers the cocktail of wireless and fiber experience for high-speed Internet. To accomplish this task Google has acquired Webpass, an Internet service provider. The financial terms are of the deal has not been disclosed. The Alphabet business will get a boost from this acquisition in the densely populated areas.

Webpass operates in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Miami etc. offering connection ranging from 10 Mbps to 1Gbps. Webpass has its own Ethernet network hence independent of companies like phone and cable. Google is planning on building a gigabit Internet infrastructure for the residents in San Francisco where Webpass also operates.

In April Google got authorization to work in parts of Kansas City for testing 3.5 Ghz spectrum Internet. This can result in faster, short-range wireless connection at areas out of fiber’s reach. The company has intentions of using Fiber alongside wireless to provide Internet service.

According to a blog that mentioned the acquisition “Google Fiber’s resources will certainly boost Webpass’s coverage area and help it grow faster”, said Charles Barr, President at Webpass. Both the companies are expecting to close the deal by this summer, subject to customary closing conditions.