Google Unveils Its AI-powered Assistant To Be Installed On 1 Billion Devices By End of January

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Google_Unveils-Its-AI-powered-Assistant-To-Be-Installed-On-1-Billion-Devices-By-End-of-January Google Unveils Its AI-powered Assistant To Be Installed On 1 Billion Devices By End of JanuarySearch engine Google claimed earlier this week that by end of January, its Artificial Intelligence-powered Google Assistant will be installed on 1-billion devices in Android and iOS smartphones, headphones, Televisions, tablets, and even cars. The company also asserted that the number of active users of its AI-powered system has cultivated four times faster over the past year that is up from 500 million in May.

According to Google, its assistant has learned to speak new languages and comprehend local cultures, and it is in nearly 80 nations with 30 languages that are up from 14 nations and 8 languages last year. The recent new language skill that the Google Assistant acquired last year was Chinese Mandarin that it is addressed by in excess of 1.4 billion folks. The Google Assistant that is a part of the smart home, attuned with more than 10,000 smart home devices from more than 1,600 admired brands, which is grown by 6-times over the last year, as noted by the company.

The Mountain View, California-based Google’s assistant was introduced three years back in 2016 on the Google Pixel, and since then it has been broadly adopted in a massive amount of a range of devices, involving laptops that came with a Google-built Chrome OS that has the full access to the Assistant.  The announcement from the tech giant Google came just three days after its contender Amazon released last week that its voice assistant Amazon Alexa devices had been reached 100 million units.