Google Updated BigQuery with new features

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Google-Updated-BigQuery-with-new-features-300x129 Google Updated BigQuery with new featuresGoogle is making improvements to its Data Analysis Service, BigQuery with traditional big data workflow as it is planning to boost its Enterprise Business. The cloud-based service now supports standard SQL, Announced Google. They have added features like more advanced query planning and optimization enabling complex sub-queries in the clause of SQL statement. The Data Analysis Service now supports ThetaJOIN and a broader type system that includes date, time, array& structs.

The introduction of time-based table partitioning for BigQuery is simplifying data management & write query spanning multiple days, months of years, where previously users have to manually partition tables to specific time frames.

They are also making Cloud IAM, its new Identity, and Access Management Feature announced Google. Which will be available for BigQuery in Beta version as of now  And with this managing permissions for BigQuery should be fully automated allowing administrators to create detailed security policies.

The BigQuery integration with Google Drive & rollout of its data studio visualization toolset are few new features added to Google’s analytic offering.

In general, Google is trying to integrate its tools viz. a developer could build, manage and monetize apps using the newly enhanced Firebase and export Firebase data to BigQuery.