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Google Updated Its Suite

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Google-Updated-Its-Suite-300x129 Google Updated Its SuiteThe productivity suite from Google just got rebranded and enhanced with new intelligent capabilities in order to aid it to compete with Microsoft Office 365. Applications including Google calendar, Gmail, Sheets, Doc, and Slides are included in the list that is now called G Suits. In an effort to push on organizations looking to make their workforces more dynamic, with a prominence on collaboration capabilities the apps are upgraded. In order to create files easily and quickly with the help of Google intelligence the Sheet and Docs are getting an update and similarly to schedule meetings the Google Calendar has been updated.


The Microsoft’s enterprise-oriented features & intelligent productivity capabilities are targeted by this newly coined suits and believed this will make the employees more tempted towards the suit. A new team drive feature allowing the businesses to set up groups for sharing files inside Google drive is a more interesting announcement. With this change unlike previously where a single account needs to hold the ownership of the file, now the whole group can own it. As people enter and leave organizations and teams it will be more easily manageable and shareable. Teams can have an specific folder inside the Google Drive with the ownership of all the files it contains.