Google Updates The Clock App

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Clock-App Google Updates The Clock AppUsers do not rush to check for updates for the Google Clock app but this update is worth looking for. Especially for users who are planning to get a Pixel phone from Google or any device which will be updated to the newest build of Android i.e. Android 7.1 Nougat. Users with a phone running Android 7.1 can now jump to specific actions right from the home screen as now the app supports app shortcuts. The app has more trick up its sleeves. For instance, if the phone is turned off during a stopwatch or timer countdown it will not miss the counting. When tried the timer kept on going even after the reboot.


There are a few more changes but they are kinda subtle. The latitude and longitude lines at the bottom of the screen have been changed to one that looks like a globe. The latest version of the app can be grabbed from the Google’s Play Store. The company has done a good job in rolling out updates for some of the subtle apps like the Google clock. Users mostly use this kind of apps on an everyday basis to keep a track of work done or maybe use the phone for an alarm.