Google Uses Artificial Intelligence To Envisage Wind Turbine Energy Production

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Google_Uses-Artificial-Intelligence-To-Envisage-Wind-Turbine-Energy-Production Google Uses Artificial Intelligence To Envisage Wind Turbine Energy ProductionSearch engine giant Google has announced that it is utilizing the Artificial Intelligence software of its UK-based subsidiary DeepMind to envisage the energy outputs of its wind turbines. By utilizing DeepMind’s Machine Learning algorithms, Google uses for its green energy initiatives, with saying that it can now schedule set deliveries of energy output that are more viable to the grid than standard, non-time based deliveries.

This software has improved the performance of the wind turbine by providing a 20 percent increase in the value of wind energy, according to Google. The AI model is trained utilizing weather data and previous wind turbine performance data; it suggests how to make the best possible hourly delivery commitments to the power grids a full day in advance. It’s imperative because energy sources that can be scheduled are frequently valuable to the grid. Google, in last year, stated that it had achieved the milestone offsetting its energy usage with 100 percent renewable resources that are largely due to energy purchase contracts and investments with solar and wind farms which assist power its data centers. Additionally, it also achieved due to renewable energy certificates that offset standard power grid usage in other marketplaces.

This is not the first time DeepMind’s AI expertise has been utilized in this manner. In the year 2016, Google declared that it had reduced the power costs of its data centers by 15 percent owing to the AI lab’s assistance. Last year, Google went further and provided these AI systems even more control.