Google Watch, Is It A Rumor Or Fact?

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Google-Watch Google Watch, Is It A Rumor Or Fact?A usually accurate report suggested a rumor regarding the new Google hardware i.e. smart watches. The product is expected to launch early next year. After the “Made By Google” event where the company demonstrated the DayDream View Headset, Pixel, Google Home Google Wi-Fi and Chromecast Ultra, there is a lot more context on the rumor which is rather around for quite a while. The sense of the gathering and the new shift by Google points that this wasn’t a one-off event.


The former head of Motorola’s mobile division, Rick Osterloh was announced the new senior Vice President of hardware by the company. There is a dedicated Made By Google site showing off all the gears. Almost every speaker at the event mentions how Google service and company’s desire to manufacture the Personal Google for each customer require a deep integration between software and hardware.


All that being said it perfectly make sense for Google to launch a watch with the deep software integration and high-end specs they talked about. For Android wear to compete with the current market of Apple watch series 2 the company has to incorporate a bunch of features that its competitors are using to lure the customers.