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Google’s Chromecast Ultra Is More Innovative Than Apple TV

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Google’s-Chromecast-Ultra-Is-More-Innovative-Than-Apple-TV-300x129 Google’s Chromecast Ultra Is More Innovative Than Apple TVWhen Apple launched the Apple TV fourth-generation in 2015 it didn’tequip it with 4K, but that didn’t bother a lot of people as the number of 4K content was very less. Nevertheless, whatever was available it was accessible through the 4K ready device directly. The 4K programming remains subtle even after a year. The company is yet to add 4K capabilities to the Apple TV. Though Apple’s decision to waive the 4K feature from its Apple TV looks like a genuine one, it is not. Google’s new Chromecast Ultra is has changed the vision of 4K. In ending the use of older technology, Apple was always the ahead. The company claims innovation as the move whenever it removes something. Not necessarily removing an older technology makes you an innovator. On the other hand, Google’s Chromecast Ultra is more of an innovation. It being the first Chromecast model to support 4K streaming and finally, people can stream 4K content from their mobile device directly onto their televisions.


The Chromecast supporting 4K from Vudu, Netflix, and YouTube as of now. However, more applications are soon to be added such as Google Play. Apple must adapt to 4K if the company is looking forward to moving ahead and take the Apple TV to a next level.