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Google’s efforts to secure YouTube

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Google’s-efforts-to-secure-YouTube-300x129 Google’s efforts to secure YouTubeGoogle the internet giant has figured out a smart move to secure its websites with SSL (Secure Socket Layer)/TSL (Transport Layer Security) as there was a series of security breaches in recent past. Google recently was forcing its main search engine users to use a secure HTTPS connection. And about 97 percent of YouTube’s traffic is also been secured with HTTPS. As YouTube got a huge amount of video data streaming all different kind of devices this wasn’t easy.


Everyday users watch YouTube videos on a wide verity of devices including smart TVs to flip phones. They have tested the payback on every device in order to not impact the customer adversely in any case. The improved quality of HTTPS and confirming content reliability they have eradicated many types of streaming errors. Explained engineers at Google.


Their Google Global cache CDN (Content Delivery Network) serves a massive amount of video. Migrating them all is no small task. To their luck hardware acceleration for AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is prevalent hence without adding machines they have encrypted virtually all videos.


Some devices yet don’t support HTTPS and to keep YouTube users safe they are gradually discarding insecure connections. The company is also instigating HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) on YouTube. HSTS automatically convert insecure URLs into secure URLs and hence preventing the users accidentally navigate to unsafe HTTP sites.