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Google’s Tech Helps Reduce Data Consumption In Google+

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Google’s-Tech-Helps-Reduce-Data-ConsumptionIn-Google-300x129 Google’s Tech Helps Reduce Data Consumption In Google+Mocking the image processing impossibilities where investigators zoom into photographs to find details that are more than what the photograph have recorded is fun. Google not only have that kind of photo enhancement software but it is using it to prevent you from gulping through your mobile data plan. However, it is not going to help law enforcement agencies to see the image reflected in the retina of a person but it will definitely help Google+ images load faster in order to reduce network data uses. At a time where the requirement for the gigabytes is increasing and data plans are getting dearer every day, this is a welcome change. RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution) is the name of the technology from Google. Based on the countless transformation of the photographs the Artificial Intelligence helps transform the photos. The pixelated and jagged edges are not necessary while the image is expanded through RAISR.


A process is called downsampling is used to portray a large image on a smaller screen. Similarlyupsampling is the other way round, where pixels are added without actually improving the quality of the photo. Google has implemented this technology on a few android phones and is planning to expand this technology to more devices.