Google’s Transparency Policy Forces Samourai BTC Wallet to Disable Some Security Features

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Google’s-Transparency-Policy-Forces-Samourai-BTC-Wallet-to-Disable-Some-Security-Features Google’s Transparency Policy Forces Samourai BTC Wallet to Disable Some Security FeaturesSamourai Wallet, the most feature-rich and advanced Bitcoin (BTC) wallet available on the Android platform, in a recent blog post on Monday, Jan. 7th 2019, announced that it’ll be temporarily disabling 3 important features in the current version of the wallet, owing to restrictive Google play store policies. The wallet continuing in its post, called Google providing a “Walled Garden” experience.

The wallet claims that their hands are tied on this, and they have no other choice than disabling some of the wallet features, but hope that they’ll be able to bring back these features in future Google Play Store release. The wallet executives are determined to offer the wallet users a full feature set experience of the Samourai Wallet via alternative app distribution channels such as direct APK downloads and F-Droid in the coming months.

Since Oct. last year, Google started mandating third-party add-ons, by banning obfuscated code to the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store, to ensure certain levels of transparency.

Samourai, confirmed that the new version of the wallet – version 0.99.04, will be available for Google Play Store download, from Jan. 8th 2019, but with disabled security features like Stealth Mode; SIM Switch Defense; and Remote SMS Commands

The wallet executives claim that they applied to Google months ago, regarding exemption for its security features, but sadly it was turned down recently, despite their argument that disabling such features would expose users who rely on those features to security risks.