Government Agencies shifting towards Artificial Intelligence

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Government_Agencies_shifting_towards_Artificial_Intelligence-300x169 Government Agencies shifting towards Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence has appeared just a few years back onto the government agenda. The advanced technology provides administrations at small and large key opportunities to conquer operational and financial challenges as better serving people and meeting demand. AI can provide quicker and in-depth change. Currently, at every level, lawmakers or government leaders are performing to accomplish the promise of AI.

In Barack Obama administration, a report released on AI which was released just a few pages to how the governments might take advantage from AI. Another report released almost a few weeks before Obama left office that was mainly focused on the potential financial impact. Governments are interested in and already have taken initiatives to utilize AI and Machine Learning. However, not only government, over the past two years agencies at every level have progressively seemed to use Machine learning, especially to better recognize data and create back-office tasks more effectively. The system Machine Learning, which was built by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to find artificial structures that have been adopted increasingly manner in each sector. And now the military has also adopting AI tools to forecast component failure on tanks or further things.

In the last year, the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology focused on accelerating the utilization of AI, chatbots and improved data analytics tools to advancing citizen services in a lot of effective manner by innovation. At the end of each year, agencies capture the issues in the annual report that what they look for their successes from the last year and make their goals for the future.