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GovRAT, This Malware Has Potential To Steal Govt. Data

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GovRAT-This-Malware-Has-Potential-To-Steal-Govt-300x129 GovRAT, This Malware Has Potential To Steal Govt. DataA malware GovRAT that attacks the government and corporate computers have been upgraded making it more aggressive. According to a security firm this malware is tough to detect and its mission is to steal sensitive data and files. The malware uses stolen certificates in order to avoid detection. This malware is designed to bypass security and antivirus tools and is complicated in nature.


A report has been published about GovRAT by the security firm saying potential hackers can execute remote commands upload other malware to the system and steal files from the victimized computer remotely. The GovRAT creators have upgraded this tool to its second version earlier this year which have the capability of monitoring network traffic of the victimized computers and its consequences can be very terrifying. For instance, hackers can intercept the connection and change the data to their liking if a data is downloading from a particular resource.


Over 100 corporations and 15 governments across the globe have been attacked by the earlier version of this malware. The maker of GovRAT is now selling this tool to other hackers on Hell Forum (a black market website) as a result of which the number of victims is rising.