Granicus Acquires Record Management Solution Provider to Deliver Modern Technologies to Governments

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Granicus_Acquires_Record_Management_Solution_Provider_to_Deliver_Modern_Technologies_to_Governments Granicus Acquires Record Management Solution Provider to Deliver Modern Technologies to GovernmentsGranicus, Minnesota-based software firm announced earlier this week that it has acquired government records management and disclosure solution provider SouthTech Systems. The acquisition fortifies Granicus’ commitment to delivering reliable innovation and the most modern technologies to local government records management challenges.

California-based SouthTech has been in business since 1994. The company offers a feature-rich, turnkey business process automation solution that simplifies and enhances record management for many of the country’s most sophisticated clerks and recorders. SouthTech also offers automated disclosure solutions supporting the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) statements and forms. According to a press release which noted that the company’s one of the current products, ClerkDocs, provides the ability to index, store and retrieve many documents often county clerks deal with like fictitious business name and power of attorney declarations.

CEO at Granicus, Mark Hynes said that from buying a home to applying for a marriage license, the exchange of records is an essential and vital connection point amid residents and government service providers. Local governments, too often, are weighed down by aging legacy systems and manual processes that restrict their capability to operate effectively or provide modern experiences to their constituents. By taking SouthTech Systems’ software and expertise into the Granicus family, Hynes said that their customers will benefit from proven modern technologies, which meet the requirements of the most sophisticated records processors in the U.S.

In addition, the company’s co-founder, Grant Gyulnazaryan pointed out that partnering with Granicus means that the company’s customers will benefit from a robust infrastructure, unmatched security, and added R&D investment and scale, all of that maintaining the world-best support that the company’s users have enjoyed. He said their company is very excited to join the Granicus team that will speed up their mission to bring an unparalleled suite of services to clients and expand the company’s presence across the U.S.