Graubard Miller employs Litera Desktop to simplify the Document Drafting Process

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Graubard-Miller-employs-Litera-Desktop-to-simplify-the-Document-Drafting-Process Graubard Miller employs Litera Desktop to simplify the Document Drafting ProcessGraubard Miller, a New York City, NY-based law firm, as per recent reports, is using Litera Desktop to simplify the document drafting process for their lawyers. As per reports, Litera Desktop, a single customized toolbar that includes everything from a lawyer’s point of view to draft quality documents, is making it seemingly easy for the firm’s IT leadership to efficiently manage vendor relationships, software updates, and recognize a greater return on their investment through increased adoption.

According to Steve Heller, Director of Technology for Graubard Miller, “Litera Desktop gets work done. If you look at the attorney’s desktop now, it’s very intuitive. Each product is a time saver, and those using it now say it makes their lives much easier. With access to more resources in a simplified view, we safely speed up the document review process and better serve our clients around the world.”

Reports are that, just after a single demonstration of Litera Desktop, the lawyers and IT managers at Graubard Miller, both alike immediately saw through the advantages and benefits that the toolbar has to offer. Improvement in document quality with Contract and Litigation Companion, risk reduction feature with Metadact, and up-gradation of the existing comparison software and PDF converter to Change-Pro Premier and PDF add-on – all these capabilities they got from one vendor alone.

Avaneesh Marwaha, CEO, Litera Microsystems, said, “Graubard Miller is one of a growing number of innovative firms seeking solutions that simplify workflows, eliminate the potential for human error and consolidate vendors in the process. By providing their lawyers access to everything they need to draft documents in one place, they’re able to spend more time delivering value to their clients.”