Ground-Based Autonomous Delivery Bots To Start Delivering In DC

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Ground-Based-1 Ground-Based Autonomous Delivery Bots To Start Delivering In DCStarship Technologies delivery robots will soon be seen on the streets of Washington DC. The first to approve the pilot programs of the ground-based delivery robots was Washington DC back in June. There are a few limitations, though, in the DC, council bill such as cargo must weigh 50 pounds or less, Personal Delivery Devices (PDDs) must not operate for more than 10 miles per day and traffic rules, signals and signs must be obeyed. While rolling at a safe speed of 4 miles per hour safe speed the Starship Technology’s bot weighs around 40 pounds, can carry about three filled bags, a bunch of sensors and 9 cameras are incorporated into the bot which will help it to avoid obstacles while allowing remote operators to keep an eye on it.


The company is hoping that its bots will be 99 percent autonomous very soon, though as of now all the bots are under constant supervision of operators and walking escorts. The co-founders of Skype Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla have founded the Starship Technology with a vision of bridging the last crack of “on-demand” distributions by aiming the most inefficient delivery areas. The bot will be capable of delivering goods within 15 to 30 minutes in a radius of 1 to 3 miles mentioned the company in a statement.