GSA Officials Looking For a Vendor to Manage Its Platform-as-a-Service Offering

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GSA_Officials_Looking_For_a_Vendor_to_Manage_Its_Platform-as-a-Service_Offering_Cloud.gov_ GSA Officials Looking For a Vendor to Manage Its Platform-as-a-Service Offering

The United States General Services Administration’s provides agencies one-stop access to secure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for web application development and promising to manage the backend server infrastructure. Now, three years into the program, GSA officials looking for a vendor to support this platform.

GSA’s Technology Transformation Service that intends to be the IT services support office for all of the government agencies issued a request for information to get a sense of the market in place to support a system like GSA provides three tiers of services to agencies a prototyping backend platform for USD 1,250 a month per office or program; a free sandbox platform to test with fresh ideas; and a full production platform, where apps can be pushed out to consumers. In latter, some more offerings include an authority to operate a verified Cybersecurity posture at a low level for USD 1,667 per month and at the moderate level for USD 7,500 a month.

The request for information listed 14 specific tasks the vendor will be asked to perform that includes  maintaining the front- and back-end infrastructure, monitoring GitHub pull requests and fix issues, using agile methods to develop and deploy code,  and improving the site’s automated monitoring and alert system for identifying operational failures and potential security issues. The contract seemed to be awarded quickly, which will have an initial base period by Oct. 2019 with extension option by Oct. 2020.