GTX now a Registered GPS Solutions Supplier in Sri Lanka

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GTX-now-a-Registered-GPS-Solutions-Supplier-in-Sri-Lanka GTX now a Registered GPS Solutions Supplier in Sri LankaGTX Corp, a Los Angeles, California-based pioneer in miniaturized wearable GPS, and people and asset tracking, in a recent press release statement on Thursday, Mar. 28th 2019, made public being awarded a Supplier Registration Certificate from the Sri Lankan Defense Ministry.

GTX, over these past six months, has been working together with the Sri Lankan government to get approval for its military-grade GPS tracking solutions line-up, for sale and import into the country. The Sri Lankan Army, Disaster Management Centre, and Centre for Research and Development, that fall under the purview jurisdiction of the Sri Lankan Defense Ministry, has a large scale requirement for these GPS tracking solutions to tag, track and locate (TTL) their personnel and equipment.

“We have been diligently working with Major General (retd) Fadyl Meedin RSP Ldmc, from the Space Technology & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd to provide all the necessary requirements in order for GTX to become an approved Sri Lanka military supplier,” said Andrew Duncan, GTX Corp Director of Business Development.

Shortly after the 2019 annual budget approval of $17.5 billion by the Sri Lankan government, GTX received an Official Memo and Certificate (bearing registration number F191478) approving the Company (GTX) as a registered supplier for the year 2019 under the Ministry of Defense for categories J6, J28, J29, J44, J57, J70, RS1 and RS2.

Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp CEO, stated, “As we continue to support our U.S. military, we are very pleased to have this opportunity to supply GPS technology solutions for the Sri Lanka Army. Our line of TTL products at their core are designed to help save lives and track valuable equipment and it is very rewarding to see GTX be recognized as a solution provider in this area.”