Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchange For $63 Million

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Hackers-Target-Bitcoin-Exchange-For-63-Million-300x129 Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchange For $63 MillionA Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Bitfinex has adjourned trading after a security rupture where $63 million worth of Bitcoin has been compromised. The exchange said it was working with the law enforcement after it reported the invasion this Tuesday.


Though it was clear that some of our users had their bitcoins stolen but we are looking into the situation about what truly happened explained the exchange. The statement issued by the exchange didn’t mention anything about the amount of lost Bitcoins but the site director of community and product development said on Reddit about the loss amount to be 119,756 bitcoins. Though the exchange didn’t immediately respond to the statement straight away.


As the news of the hack spread the rate of bitcoins went into a downward graph but at the time of report rate of bitcoin was $527.25. The exchange said they will address customer losses at the later part of the investigation.


Bitfinex is not the only exchange in the news for the hack, ShapeShift and Gatecoin are the others reportedly hacked in April and May earlier this year. The exchange informed that they are going to keep the site down till the security was no more a question.