Half The Size, With Same Capacity Battery From Solidenergy

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Half-The-Size-With-Same-Capacity-Battery-From-Solidenergy-300x129 Half The Size, With Same Capacity Battery From SolidenergyA new modernizing design of safe and rechargeable lithium-metal battery to be used in small devices like wearable and smartphones was claimed to be achieved by a startup called SolidEnergy. MIT post-doctoral student Qichao Hu’s company has done this breakthrough achievement with material science to produce the batteries with double the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries of current generation. What they meant is the same size of a lithium-ion battery can hold up to double the capacity of charge or the same amount of charge can be packed into a battery of half the size.


The attempt to create the rechargeable version of the lithium-metal batteries have been unsuccessful and long been a subject of interest for the researchers as the anode material tends to degrade quickly and hence making them unusable. MIT news reported that not only the rechargeability of the lithium-metal battery was been solved by Hu’s design but the solid bulky anode material was also been successfully replaced by a very sophisticated hybrid using a thin lithium metal foil and non-flammable liquid electrolyte.


The General Motors being the lead investor for the SolidEnergy’s research the company is intended to use its new tech in electric cars apart from smartphones and wearable devices. While in smartphones, it can be used as early as next year.