HarrisX launches 5G Intelligence Platform

HarrisX launches 5G Intelligence Platform


HarrisX_launches-5G-Intelligence-Platform HarrisX launches 5G Intelligence PlatformWASHINGTON — 5G is expected to transform how consumers connect to one another and how information is processed and with it consumer lifestyles, main street, and wall street. To track the adoption of this revolutionary technology, HarrisX, a leading telecommunications, media, and technology market research, and consultancy company, is launching the HarrisX 5G Intelligence Platform, which will trace, on a monthly basis, the impact and adoption of 5G among wireless and wireline consumers, households, and business decision-makers.

The 5G Intelligence Platform provides an in-depth, comparative view among consumers, household decision-makers and business heads from enterprises both large and small. The platform looks at a wide array of variables including awareness, familiarity, favorability, intent to adopt or purchase, barriers to entry, concerns, value and differentiation, leadership in the 5G field, and general expectations.  Overall, the HarrisX 5G Intelligence Platform will collect 300,000 responses per year across these three consumer groups.

“We are just beginning to grasp the power and impact of 5G, a technology that promises advances far broader and deeper than those brought about by 4G,” said Dritan Nesho, CEO of HarrisX. “We are rolling out the 5G Intelligence Platform to provide a clear and deep understanding of the expectations for, adoption of, and economic impact of 5G among business heads, household heads, and subscribers of wireless and wireline services – as well as to build on our legacy of tracking reactions to each new generation of telecom technology.”

Key findings from the HarrisX 5G Intelligence Platform include:

  • 88% of business decision makers (BDMs) are aware of 5G and close to 6 in 10 BDMs say that 5G will be important in their choice of wireless service providers;
  • While awareness was also high among household decision makers and wireless subscribers, only a minority of these groups saw 5G as important in choosing their wireless provider;
  • 46% of BDMs believe their industry will benefit from the rollout of 5G, with top industries expected to benefit being telecommunications, emergency services, transportation, and healthcare;
  • Among both BDMs and wireless consumers, speed and reliability that enable higher quality streaming and wider network coverage were the most expected benefits of 5G;
  • 72% of BDMs say they are willing to pay for 5G while wireless subscribers are evenly split about its value;
  • 5G is expected to drive switching behavior among services and devices: 57% of BDMs will switch provider for 5G wireless service, as will 24% of wireless consumers; over a third of wireless subscribers are ambivalent about 5G;
  • Verizon and Apple are generally perceived to be leaders in 5G across BDMs and consumers, however, Samsung is close to Apple among BDMs.

The 5G Intelligence Platform is the newest addition to HarrisX suite of consumer trackers that include the Mobile Insights Survey (wireless services and smartphones), Total Communication survey (wireline services and connected home), and Connected Life survey (wearables and consumer IOT)

For more information please visit: www.harrisx.com/5GIntelligenceDashboard

About HarrisX
HarrisX is a leading survey research company that specializes in online polling and data collection and focuses on the understanding of Internet-connected and smartphone consumers. The company has a thirteen-year history assessing public opinion and behavior in the telecom, media, and personal technology industries through syndicated and custom research services. HarrisX runs the Mobile Insights and Total Communication Surveys, the largest syndicated consumer insights trackers in the U.S. for the TMT space, which include over 60,000 monthly respondents, and the Telephia metering application, which captures behavioral data. HarrisX was acquired from Nielsen in 2017 by The Stagwell Group, leading marketing sciences, and communications holding group, and is now affiliated with The Harris Poll. For more information please visit http://www.harrisx.com.


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