Hazelcast announces “Hazelcast Jet” streaming engine for IoT, Edge & Cloud Event Processing

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Hazelcast-announces-“Hazelcast-Jet”-streaming-engine-for-IoT-Edge-Cloud-Event-Processing Hazelcast announces “Hazelcast Jet” streaming engine for IoT, Edge & Cloud Event ProcessingHazelcast, a Palo Alto, California-based leading in-memory computing platform company, as per recent reports, has announced the general availability of its Hazelcast Jet streaming engine. In its remarks, the company mentions the engine as the industry’s fastest stream processing engine that simplifies deployment implementations.

Explaining further, the company claims that either in constrained deployment environments like IoT sensors or in cloud-scale deployments, Hazelcast Jet is specifically designed to ingest, categorize, and process enormous datasets with ultra-low latency to support continuous intelligence practices.

“SigmaStream specializes in high-frequency data and works with some of the world’s largest companies that operate in the most constrained environments. By integrating Hazelcast Jet’s high-performance streaming engine with our Hummingbird visualization and processing platform, we process high-frequency data from dozens of channels and address inefficiencies in real-time,” explained Hari Koduru, CEO, SigmaStream. “The performance and optimization at such a fine level enable SigmaStream’s customers to shrink the time spent on a project, ultimately saving them millions of dollars.”

Furthermore, the company claims Hazelcast Jet as an ideal choice that will simplify deployment owing to its single, lightweight system that is capable of addressing a complex set of architectural requirements. Hazelcast Jet’s single-system design ensures rapid time-to-value, eliminates associated costs and complexities with multi-component architectures and reduces the need for multiple skill sets.

“Hazelcast has once again delivered a powerful leap forward for the industry, this time by radically simplifying how stream event processing is implemented,” stated Kelly Herrell, CEO, Hazelcast. “Time is money, and the ability to process data at the moment it is generated — wherever it is generated — produces measurable business benefits whether at a financial trading desk or edge-based sensors. When time matters, companies choose Hazelcast and now they have a compelling and flexible streaming solution for fast data processing in Hazelcast Jet.”