Hazelcast announces “IMDG 3.12” In-Memory Data Grid Solution

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Hazelcast-announces-IMDG-3.12-In-Memory-Data-Grid-Solution Hazelcast announces “IMDG 3.12” In-Memory Data Grid SolutionHazelcast, a Palo Alto, California-based venture-capital backed in-memory computing platform company, in a recent press release statement, on Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 2019, announced the Hazelcast IMDG 3.12, its in-memory data grid solution, the most advanced solution in the whole industry.

The solution, built and proven for performance at scale requirements of the world’s largest organizations, is equipped with new features focused on data integrity, cloud interoperability, performance-sensitive data storage and more, making it stand out with technical superiority. According to Kelly Herrell, CEO of Hazelcast, the company with its strong customer base in the financial services, e-commerce and telecommunication industries, is being relied upon by many of the world’s largest organizations, for its enterprise-grade performance, scale, stability, and security. The company’s latest IMDG 3.12 release marks a significant advancement for in-memory computing, expanding the addressable use cases allowing customers to benefit from Hazelcast’s industry-leading performance to accelerate their business.

The IMDG 3.12 release is apt at addressing data integrity issues during network failures, often described as CAP Theorem concerns, i.e. concerns of consistency (C), availability (A), and partition tolerance (P) across distributed systems. The company now uniquely provides both a Consistency (CP) Subsystem for sensitive concurrency structures, favoring consistency over availability and an Availability (AP) Subsystem for data storage structures, favoring availability over consistency. By these AP and CP subsystems offerings, Hazelcast enables its customers to fine-tune the in-memory data grid to suit the application, providing a consistent and stable end-user experience. Further, Jepsen tests confirm the correctness of the CP Subsystem.