Health Insurer Humana Brings First Virtual Primary Care Plan With Doctor On Demand

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Health_Insurer-Humana-Brings-First-Virtual-Primary-Care-Plan-With-Doctor-On-Demand-1 Health Insurer Humana Brings First Virtual Primary Care Plan With Doctor On DemandHumana, a for-profit American health insurer and telemedicine startup Doctor On Demand has collaboratively debuted an innovative and affordable virtual primary care plan, On Hand, for members. With this new primary health plan, employers and members will have access to a breadth of in-network virtual care services in addition to a clinical care team to assist in navigating the healthcare system. With the launch of On Hand, patients will now have one devoted primary care physicians with access to preventive care, urgent care, and behavioral health through virtually or video visits.

Patients who tap this new virtual primary care plan will get a standard medical device kit with a digital blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and log. They will further get access to their digital health records, secure messaging and have more control over their shared information. Additionally, patients will receive doctor or specialist referrals, if required, for in-person visits that stay within Humana’s network, all supported by the clinical care team to aid smoothly coordinate continued care. Ahead on this move, Humana’s Group & Military segment president Chris Hunter said that by partnering with Doctor On Demand, Humana is leading the market with a modern approach to meeting the health plan needs of employers and employees. He further noted that Through virtual care delivery, On Hand gives employers the opportunity to affordably offer healthcare benefits to employees without sacrificing comprehensive, quality care.

While virtual care not only improves access but also generate new opportunities to offer high-quality health insurance for lower-premium costs. In this regard, On Hand costs considerably lower than the average standard plan today, as well as there is also $0 copay for doctor visits using Doctor On Demand and a USD5 copay for common labs and prescriptions.