Health IT Platform InterSystems Empowers MediWay Technology to Expedite The Digital Transformation Of Healthcare

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Health_IT-Platform-InterSystems-Empowers-MediWay-Technology-to-Expedite-The-Digital-Transformation-Of-Healthcare Health IT Platform InterSystems Empowers MediWay Technology to Expedite The Digital Transformation Of HealthcareInterSystems, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based health information systems platform and a vendor of software and technology, has recently announced that China’s largest healthcare software company, MediWay Technology has developed and deployed its new iMedical Cloud healthcare IT ecosystem platform using InterSystems IRIS for Health™. As reports noted, IRIS for Health, the only unified data platform designed specifically for healthcare, strengthen MediWay to assist all stakeholders in the Chinese healthcare system. It includes healthcare organizations, government, and consumers, in an environment where medical reform policies are driving increased collaboration, information sharing, and use of Big Data.

According to the report, MediWay’s iMedical Healthcare Information System (HIS) is utilized by about 500 healthcare organizations, including over 300 tertiary hospitals and 30 top-100 hospitals in China. However, MediWay and its partner Tencent Cloud require higher levels of accessibility, scalability, and interoperability to stimulate the digital transformation of healthcare. IRIS for Health gives power to healthcare organizations with a unified data platform which integrates analytical and transaction processing with native interoperability for all sorts of data, including seamless transitions between healthcare-specific standards like HL7 FHIR (Health Level Seven Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

Moreover, IRIS for Health’s support for Cloud-first development utilizing container technology also enables MediWay Technology to take full benefit of the strategic partnership between its parent company, DHC Software, and Tencent Cloud. This allows MediWay to keep incorporating technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and speech input with its Cloud-based healthcare solution.