Healthcare Incubator MATTER And rMark Bio Collaboratively Launch AI-Optimized Healthcare Innovation Matchmaker

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Healthcare_Incubator-MATTER-And-rMark-Bio-Collaboratively-Launch-AI-Optimized-Healthcare-Innovation-Matchmaker Healthcare Incubator MATTER And rMark Bio Collaboratively Launch AI-Optimized Healthcare Innovation MatchmakerMATTER, a Chicago, IL-based healthcare incubator together with rMark Bio, an AI-driven life sciences company, has launched a new product, named Origin™, to further stimulate healthcare innovation through collaboration. Origin integrates the power of Machine Learning with MATTER’s expertise in vetting, coaching and organizing to match pharmaceutical companies, payers and health systems with the right startup collaborator. It’s exclusively available to the MATTER community of startup members and partner organizations.

Origin is developed on rMark Bio’s Fabric™, a Machine Learning platform which delivers personalized business intelligence through integrated applications and API-accessible services. It is designed to sort out common scientific and business challenges within life sciences and healthcare space. MATTER CEO Steven Collens stated that “MATTER works with entrepreneurs who are developing products and solutions that can meaningfully improve health and healthcare, and we work with established organizations that need innovative ideas.” “We help the right people find each other at the right time, so they can collaborate on developing and implementing solutions that improve health and care.” Every match recommended by Origin is authenticated by MATTER before facilitating the next step, the right kind of introduction, from a formal pitch opportunity to a casual conversation, supported by pre-meeting coaching and mentorship for entrepreneurs when required.

Co-founder and CEO of rMark Bio, Jason Smith said that “Through MATTER, we had the opportunity to make the right connection at exactly the right time in our development.” “Origin is designed to scale opportunities like ours. A lot has to go right for that to happen, so we’re using best-in-class modeling to help MATTER cut through the noise and optimize opportunities for startups and large organizations alike.” MATTER also works with established healthcare organizations to develop the capabilities needed in breakthroughs and pool resources with startups.