HealtheConnections Merges With HealthlinkNY Into Single Health Information Exchange

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HealtheConnections_Merges-With-HealthlinkNY-Into-Single-Health-Information-Exchange HealtheConnections Merges With HealthlinkNY Into Single Health Information ExchangeHealtheConnections, a Syracuse, NY-based regional health information organization, has reportedly merged with HealthlinkNY, a regional health information exchange organization, into one HIE (Health Information Exchange) across northern and central New York, with the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley regions. The merger is designed to improve their ability to achieve regional health data exchange goals and better meet the requirements of patients and providers across their combined regions.

HealtheConnections CEO Rob Hack said that we look forward to expanding the work we’re doing to support the broader reach this merger brings. HealtheConnections is, first and foremost, a solutions company. Through trusted collaboration, we partner with our customers and leverage our key competencies in customer engagement and technology solutions to deliver the highest level of value. As operating a regional HIE, community, and population health improvement teams, and a value0based care solutions division, HealtheConnections is the largest HIE in the state of New York and spans 26 counties. With seated in Syracuse, NY, the company operates in other locations of Binghamton, Hopewell Junction, and a forthcoming location in Tarrytown. As per the announcement, HealtheConnections will work to advance population health and care quality across New York by connecting participating providers to a single, comprehensive patient medical record. It will allow care providers to abruptly and securely access patient health information for better-informed clinical decision making.

The merger between both HIEs initiated last September after announcing a strategic partnership. On this merger, HealthlinkNY Executive Director Staci Romeo stated that our goal for a strategic partnership was to deliver enhanced services and combined synergies that would benefit our stakeholders. She continued that we partnered with HealtheConnections because they have a proven record of success, and their quality of services and processes directly align with our mission. We’re thinking progressively and as a combined entity, there will be operational efficiencies and increased value for our participants, stakeholders, and partners as a single trusted resource, Romeo added.