Healthgrades Brings Artificial Intelligence-Enabled CDP Platform To Advance Patient Experience

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Healthgrades_Brings-Artificial-Intelligence-Enabled-CDP-Platform-To-Advance-Patient-Experience Healthgrades Brings Artificial Intelligence-Enabled CDP Platform To Advance Patient ExperienceHealthgrades, a US-based Health care firm that offers information about physicians, hospitals and health care providers, has introduced the first Customer Data Platform (CDP) to advance patient experience. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning capabilities, the platform will enable health systems to bring together one distinct data into a single platform. Additionally, it’s designed to provide health systems with a holistic view of patients, with the long term goal of converting and personalizing the patient experience.

Seated in Denver, Colorado, Healthgrades’ Customer Data Platform will serve as the underlying data management solution for powering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other customer experience execution systems while allowing health systems to reach further than traditional efforts to enhance the patient experience and patient engagement. Healthgrades CEO Rob Draughon stated that more than 30 years ago, we created the healthcare CRM category, and today we are applying Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to pioneer an even better way for health systems to look at their patients and patient populations from a holistic point of view. He continues that Healthgrades CDP will allow health systems to use, apply and access secure data in new ways, transforming and personalizing the patient experience into one that builds trust and makes patients feel safe, valued and motivated.

The Healthgrade CDP solution also aimed at assisting bridging the gap between siloed data sources in healthcare, connecting internal and external data hubs surrounding hospital systems to generate a more inclusive patient profile. Additionally, it consolidates both identified and unidentified user activity into persistent profiles which can be activated across the organization allowing a wide range of use cases.