Healthgrades Introduces Customer Data Platform To Assist Healthcare Professionals

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Healthgrades_Introduces-Customer-Data-Platform-To-Assist-Healthcare-Professional Healthgrades Introduces Customer Data Platform To Assist Healthcare ProfessionalsLeading online resource platform for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals, Healthgrades has launched an enterprise-level Customer Data Platform (CDP) for health systems. Designed to assist in bridging the gap between siloed data source in the healthcare space, the platform connects internal and external data hubs across the hospital systems to generate a more comprehensive patient profile. Based in Denver, Colorado, Healthgrades amassed information on more than 3 million U.S. health care providers.

According to the company, Healthgrades Customer Data Platform leverages specialized technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, in addition to pre-built processes tailored to address enterprise-wide technology needs. The move comes as consumer expectations for easier access to care and health management have intricated the healthcare industry’s already sizeable data problem. The Healthgrades CDP platform’s AI and Deep Learning capabilities are based on the underlying data management solution, and the platform treats all data as electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). The company’s platform will also serve as the underlying data management solution for powering CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other customer experience execution systems. Healthgrades Chief Strategy Officer Rupen Patel said in a statement that personalizing consumer experiences is the best way to build loyal relationships with patients, making them feel safe, valued, and motivated to improve their health.

Additionally, he predicted that by all estimations, CDPs are the future of technology, meaning they’ll be required for healthcare organizations that want to keep up with consumer expectations and competitor pressure. Healthgrades’ Customer Data Platform integrates both defined and unspecified user activity into constant profiles which can be activated across the organization allowing a wide array of use cases.