HealthIT Company Livongo Announces HIPAA-Compliant Amazon Alexa Healthcare Skill For Diabetes

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HealthIT_Company-Livongo-Announces-HIPAA-Compliant-Amazon-Alexa-Healthcare-Skill-For-Diabetes HealthIT Company Livongo Announces HIPAA-Compliant Amazon Alexa Healthcare Skill For DiabetesThe leading Applied Health Signals Company Livongo has introduced the Livongo for Diabetes program and will now utilize Amazon’s voice service platform, Alexa. The program is aimed at providing its Members the ability to ask any of their Alexa-enabled devices to give their blood glucose readings and health tips through the new Livongo skill. The move makes Livongo as the first consumer digital health company teaming up with Amazon Alexa on a new HIPAA-compliant healthcare skill that develops on Livongo’s efforts to make it easier for Members to stay healthy.

Livongo President Dr. Jennifer Schneider stated that Livongo’s goal is to leverage innovative technologies to create a world-class Member experience. We believe that voice technology will have an impactful role in helping our Members better manage their chronic conditions, and health in general. He continues that speaking and listening are natural communication channels, and voice-based capabilities also allow us to reach people who prefer other modes of communication. Schneider further added that our Members now have the ability to hear their last blood glucose check by simply asking Alexa. In providing seamless health insights while our Members are preparing meals or about to exercise, Livongo can more effectively drive positive behavior change.

According to the reports, over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices have been purchased by consumers to date. As part of the announcement, by providing Livongo Members the ability to access health information through the Livongo skill for Alexa, the company can offer more personalized and timely insights through voice, the most natural and convenient user interface in the home. Through Amazon Alexa, all interactions with the Livongo skill are HIPAA-compliant that guarantees users their information is managed securely and privately.