HealthIT Firm HealthAxis Group Purchases Business Intelligence And Data Warehouse Platform Analytics Partners

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HealthIT-Firm-HealthAxis_Group-Purchases-Business-Intelligence-And-Data-Warehouse-Company-Analytics-Partners HealthIT Firm HealthAxis Group Purchases Business Intelligence And Data Warehouse Platform Analytics PartnersInformation Technology solutions provider for healthcare payers, HealthAxis Group has tapped a provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehouse solutions for healthcare organizations, Analytics Partners. With this acquisition, HealthAxis Group will take Analytics Partners stock and assets and will begin consolidating all business under the HealthAxis Group brand. With a global presence in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific including New York, Dublin, Hamburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Analytics Partners specializes in analytics solutions like historical trend analysis, fraud indicators, risk assessments, and claims reporting for Healthcare organizations. Its integrated healthcare analytics solution, dubbed Health Intelligence Analytics (HIA) SM offers clients with an inclusive view of their data enabling for full lifecycle healthcare analysis.

Ahead of this merger, HealthAxis Group CEO, Shilen Patel said that Analytics Partners, extensive experience in the Healthcare arena and established strengths directly tie into our vision of providing complete, shareable data and effective communication throughout health care delivery pipeline. He further added that with the sophisticated data mining and analytic capabilities, the procurement of Analytics Partners moves us closer to our goal of providing the Healthcare Industry with one complete holistic approach that prepares them to meet the challenges ahead.

The acquisition of Analytics Partners further robust and proven analytics to harmonize the HealthAxis Group’s current and powerful core platform and services. Based in Tampa, FL HealthAxis Group has a range of fully scalable solutions are benefits administration platforms, network and application management, web portals, consulting, transaction services, BPO, practice management solutions, electronic medical records, and technology services.