HealthQuest Capital Invests In Innovative Growth-Stage Companies, Closes Its USD440 Million Fund

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HealthQuest_Capital-Invests-In-Innovative-Growth-Stage-Companies-Closes-Its-USD440-Million-Fund HealthQuest Capital Invests In Innovative Growth-Stage Companies, Closes Its USD440 Million FundSilicon Valley-based growth investment firm HealthQuest Capital has closed its latest after collecting USD400 million funds to invest growth-stage companies delivering innovation across all sectors of the healthcare industry to advance patient outcomes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Based in Belmont, CA, HealthQuest has elevated over USD785 million in three venture funds, which already have resulted in 4 M&A transactions (Ajax, Avizia, Spirox, and VirMedica) and one IPO (Avedro).

HealthQuest Founder and Managing Partner Garheng Kong say that we are grateful for the trust and support of our limited partners, many of whom were investors in our previous funds. It is their partnership that enables us to continue our strategy of investing in the healthcare industry as it undergoes a major transformation toward value-based care. He further noted that technological innovations play a significant role in this transformative process – from improving patient care and safety to driving down costs, reducing complexity and speeding delivery. We are investing in companies that are enabling great change in the practice of modern healthcare. The HealthQuest team features individuals with extensive experience in both healthcare investing and operations. Its entire team works together to support each company at every step of their growth journey. In this regard, Kong said that HealthQuest sees a great opportunity to support growth and expansion for a wide array of commercial companies that are developing new solutions to optimize value across all sectors of healthcare.

As a growth capital firm, HealthQuest Capital is investing in commercial-stage companies that are optimizing value in healthcare by advancing outcomes and plummeting costs. With over USD785 million in capital under management, the firm concentrates on promoting innovation across the healthcare gamut, including medical technologies, digital health, diagnostics, and innovative services.