HealthTech Firm Medical Informatics Bags USD 11.9 Million For FDA-Cleared Patient Monitoring And Predictive Analytics Platform

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HealthTech-Firm-Medical-Informatics_Bags_USD-11.9-Million-For-FDA-Cleared-Patient-Monitoring-And-Predictive-Analytics-Platform HealthTech Firm Medical Informatics Bags USD 11.9 Million For FDA-Cleared Patient Monitoring And Predictive Analytics PlatformMedical Informatics Corp. (MIC), a Houston, TX-based healthcare software company that offers clinical decision support technology for healthcare professionals, has received USD 11.9 million in Series A funding round for FDA-Cleared Patient Monitoring and Predictive Analytics Platform. The funding round was led by Data Collective Venture Capital (DCVC), along with significant participation from Intel Capital and the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Venture Fund. As per the reports, hospital systems across the country are exploring the ways to utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to get ahead of deterioration and risk in these complex care space.

Founded in the year 2010 by Emma Fauss and Craig Rusin, MIC provides solutions that give care providers teams the access to data they need to take action for alarm management and safety. The company’s FDA-cleared, vendor-neutral platform, named Sickbay™, accelerates care and lessens patient risk in near real-time and at scale, particularly in the most intricate decisive care environments like intensive care (ICUs). In a statement, Medical Informatics Corp. Co-Founder and CEO Emma Fauss stated that his vision is to save lives by modernizing critical care environments and extending patient-centered analytics throughout the continuum of care. She further added that his Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities allow us to rapidly create and deploy software-based, real-time, predictive analytics that would otherwise not be possible with traditional medical hardware.

Ahead of this funding round, Fauss noted that this investment comes at a great time. We are growing rapidly to enable delivery of our breakthrough technology to every bedside in every hospital in the country. The Series A funding will accelerate our ability to execute on current implementations and support the hundreds of additional hospitals in our pipeline, She added.