HealthTech Firm Zelis® Helps In Addressing Mounting Cost Of Healthcare In America With Cloud Solution

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HealthTech_Firm-Zelis®-Helps-In-Addressing-Mounting-Cost-Of-Healthcare-In-America-With-Cloud-Solution HealthTech Firm Zelis® Helps In Addressing Mounting Cost Of Healthcare In America With Cloud SolutionSince the cost of healthcare in the U.S. has been growing progressively for decades, the New Jersey-based healthcare technology company Zelis healthcare helping to reduce healthcare spending by USD1 trillion. The company has assisted healthcare payer clients across America to save over USD24 billion in networks and claims costs and utilizing advanced technologies and expert clinical resources to cut down errors, waste, and abuse. With over 800 dedicated associates at 9 locations across the nation, Zelis combines network analytics and design, network access and cost management, claims cost management and electronic payments to serve payers, healthcare providers and consumers in the medical, dental and workers’ compensation markets.

Ahead of the announcement, Zelis Healthcare CEO Doug Klinger explained that when we look at a claim, we take a 360-degree view. We deploy proprietary technologies and expert clinical resources to identify network cost savings along with clinical and specialty clinical claims cost savings while leveraging technology to optimize claim workflows. This combination of activities is executed in parallel to deliver market-leading transparency, efficiency and cost-saving effectiveness on every network, every claim, every payment, every day. The company compels market-leading performance by implementing advanced technologies and utilizing secure, streamlined Cloud innovation to optimize healthcare cost management and payments processes.

Additionally, Zelis also concentrated on eliminating errors, waste and abuse from claims post-adjudication and pre-payment by using in-house technologies and expert clinical resources with an integrated, centralized digital infrastructure. SVP of Enterprise Application Development at Zelis, Thiyagu Gnanasekaran said that we are very excited about leveraging proven, scalable, integrated platforms enhanced by Azure functionality. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Microsoft on innovative solutions to serve our clients.