HealthTech Leader InBody USA Develops Self-Testing Blood Pressure Measurement Device

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HealthTech_Leader-InBody-USA-Develops-Self-Testing-Blood-Pressure-Measurement-Device HealthTech Leader InBody USA Develops Self-Testing Blood Pressure Measurement DeviceThe global leader in body composition analysis, InBody USA has introduced a professional, fully automated, self-testing blood pressure device, named BPBIO 320S for the US Market. As best known for innovative devices like the award-winning InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer, the launch of BPBIO 320S marks the InBody’s first entry into this category. With the aim of offering bio-medical technology that simplifies the understanding of health and wellness, InBody is an innovation-centric company intended to create a better world for today and the generations to come.

Ahead of the launch, Director of Business Development at In Body USA said that InBody established its reputation by developing pioneering technology that raised the standard in ease of use, accuracy, and reproducibility for bioelectrical impedance analysis testing. We are applying that same spirit of innovation to blood pressure measurement. He continues that the launch of the BP320S is part of our mission to develop technologies that put critical, timely health information in the hands of practitioners and patients. Information is vital to empowering change and improving health. Han further noted that InBody wants to make a blood pressure measurement accessible. That is why we engineered the BPBIO 320S blood pressure test to be self-guided and fully automated, for accurate blood pressure results without medical supervision.

Han added that we envision the BPBIO 320S to be used in busy hospitals and outside of traditional healthcare facilities such as corporate wellness centers, medical fitness facilities, active living communities, occupational health clinics, and pharmacy wellness corners. The device is perfect for facilities that want to provide blood pressure monitoring but cannot staff a dedicated trained medical practitioner. The major specialties in BPBIO 320S include Single-step, fully automated measurement process; Voice-guidance system to ensure proper testing protocol; 45 seconds of total test time with a thermal printout; Portable, space-efficient design; and FDA approved, MET certified, and ESH-IP validated