HID Global unveils iCLASS SE RB25F Fingerprint Reader

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HID-Global-unveils-iCLASS-SE-RB25F-Fingerprint-Reader HID Global unveils iCLASS SE RB25F Fingerprint ReaderHID Global, an Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of secure identity products, as per recent reports, has unveiled its new iCLASS SE RB25F fingerprint reader that utilizing HID’s globally-patented multispectral imaging technology, offers biometric door authentication solution.

The new iCLASS SE RB25F fingerprint reader, with its increased image capture performance, offers fingerprint matching in well under a second, thus significantly reducing delays associated with traditional biometric solutions that are always prone to symptomatic issues.

“Driven by increasing threats to an organization’s security, biometric authentication is one of the fastest growing segments in the access control market,” states Stephen Carney, vice president of product marketing, physical access control solutions with HID Global. “The powerful combination of HID’s highly reliable Lumidigm multispectral technology and the reader’s robust construction with IP67 and anti-vandal IK09 ratings now enables customers to deploy fingerprint authentication across a wide range of real-life environments. The reader is also field-configurable over a network, and is designed to ease migration from traditional and existing fingerprint reader solutions.”

The multispectral imaging technology that HID employs in these new fingerprint readers is apt at capturing both the surface and sub-surface images of the skin, allowing quick read for all types of fingerprints, from varied age groups. The new solution also ensures reliability in tricky – cold, dry, dirty, wet, and other challenging environments – conditions, as per the statement by HID.

Furthermore, the reader, which comes equipped with built-in optical tamper protection, supports both Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) as well as HID’s Seos technology, offering a multi-layered authentication between the reader and credentials.