High-Security safes can be unlocked without a trace

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High-Security-safes-can-be-unlocked-without-a-trace-300x129 High-Security safes can be unlocked without a traceElectronic Safes with high-security features are sturdy, at least that is what the advertisements show. Though they might be opened with power tools but there is also another method to breach the security of the High-Security electronic safes, ‘hack’. ‘Plore’ a hacker embodied an approach where instead of using power tools he used codes to identify the personalized key code of the safe and unlock it without any trace.


To get around the security of cryptographic systems Plore followed the side-channel approach which is a way of exploiting physical indicators. Underwriter’s Laboratory, an independent third party testing company manufactured a Type-1 High-security lock which are known to be secure but no way are the most robust locks in the market. Because of the popularity of the two companies known as Greenleaf and Sargent, the hacker Plore chose them. He also said the technique that he described can also be used against other electronically secured systems even phones. “I have monitored the power consumption by the safe while processing the lock codes, which varies with the correct and incorrect digits” Plore explained.


The hacker mentioned in a statement that he was trying to contact Greenleaf and Sargent regarding these vulnerabilities since early this year. Though an intruder will not bother about this but this flaw can be used for other devices using this type of security feature.